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The Current Situation of Shias in Pakistan

It’s not in Parachinar or NWFP only, The Satanic Forces of Taliban are targeting Shias all over Pakistan Now, After killing hundreds and injuring thousands in Parachinar, Over 400 momineen were martyred in and around D.I.Khan, Punjab in last 2-3 months, now Savage Talibans are gathering around areas of Punjab for a Major Attack.

Maulana Ali Al-Hussaini , the son of Allama Arif Al-Hussaini (Shaheed) was targeted during the holy month of Ramazan in Parachinar, Several momineen were martyred in that incident, Maulana Ali Al-Hussaini is still in serious medical condition.

Rashid Akbar Niwani, A Shia MNA , was targeted by a suicide bomber on 7th October in Bhakar, 22 people were killed, dozens injured most of them were Shia muslims, Bhakar is situated just 25 miles apart from D.I.Khan.

Reports of hundreds of Human Taliban Bombers entering major cities to target prominent Shia leaders and places of worships were also confirmed by Intelligence authorities of Pakistan.
Question is …. What our Responsibilities are in this crucial time??????????????

Can we do something to prevent future disasters to our brothers???
Answer is ….Let’s Get Together and combine our scattered thoughts
Into a measurable & Effective Reaction

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